The directors and shareholders of Affinity Health wish to thank you for referring us to Lion of Africa with Paul Myeza. We were treated with the utmost professionalism which led to a mutually beneficial underwriting management agreement. A smooth and seamless launch with effect from 1 June and now into our second month with a pleasant working relationship. Your recommendation and referral remains highly appreciative and once again, our sincere thanks.

Freddie Affinity Health

“Since initiating talks with Lion of Africa, they have been completely accommodating and willing to help. They were able to see the bigger picture in terms of the complexity of our market and could look ahead to a successful working relationship going forward. We look forward to continuing this journey with them to what we anticipate will be a long and successful partnership. I have to say I feel very positive about our future relationship with Lion of Africa as everyone has really been so helpful, professional and accommodating.”

Jureen Grobbelaar

The Directors and Staff would like to thank the entire team at LionLife for their always professional attitude and willingness to go the extra mile. We thank you for always treating us and our clients with the utmost respect, we trust the our underwriting management agreement will stand the test of time, just as we have no doubt LionLife will. Keep up the GREAT work.

Werner Roets

Four years ago, we decided to enter into a relationship with Lion of Africa and we have not regretted our decision at any point. They deliver on their promises – every time. The staff are professional, friendly and highly competent. With Lion of Africa as our underwriter, we have never had to let our clients down when they needed us the most. The claims process is easy and payments always happen timeously, allowing our clients’ families to take care of all the necessary arrangements, in difficult times. Partnering with Lion of Africa has been one of the best decisions we have made for our business.

Danie Grobler