Lion of Africa Life Assurance Company Ltd has its roots from the African People’s Organisation Burial Society Proprietary Ltd (“APO”), founded in 1902. In June 1944 the APO was registered as an insurer, conducting assistance business.

In 2002 Commlife Holdings Proprietary Limited (“Commlife”), an investment holding company, acquired APO and changed its name to Lion of Africa Life Assurance Company Limited (“LionLife”). LionLife is a South African life assurance company which was licensed by the Financial Services Board in terms of the Long-Term Insurance Act (No 52 of 1998) in 2005. LionLife’s assurance activities are concentrated primarily on life assurance, funeral group schemes and funeral cover for individuals and families.

The chairman of LionLife, Fred Robertson, is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is also the chairman of Commlife Holdings as well as the Executive Chairman and co-founder of Brimstone Investment Corporation; a listed company.

Over the past 10 years LionLife has evolved from an assistance business insurer to a diversified financial service provider. From a financial perspective, LionLife has grown from strength to strength; we have seen our total assets grow by more than 250% and our premium income increase by over 2 000%.

LionLife is a proud company with strong guiding principles and a core value of always having a client centric focus. We strive to provide our clients with products that fit their specific needs, service and advice that consider their specific circumstances and fairness, throughout the time we call them our clients. By taking this policy you have become our client; a building block in the future of LionLife.

Thank you.

Lion of Africa Life Assurance Company Ltd